Purpose & Core Values

We set out to develop both a Purpose statement and a Passion statement. Happily, we realized we're so passionate about our Purpose that we combined those into one statement along with the Core Values that we use to pursue this Purpose.

Purpose & Passion

To SPARK people and organizations to reach goals they may have never thought possible.

Core Values


We purposefully find strategic solutions to challenging problems in ways that will help people, organizations, and partners.

The Right Way

We conduct business the right way: with integrity, compassion, inclusiveness, and diversity.


We live our brand by following a version of the PeopleOne program ourselves from health to leadership development. This helps our customers trust us, believe in us, and try harder to succeed in reaching their goals.

Build Fit & Healthy Leaders

Our programs integrate the best of health and fitness with the best of goal-setting, motivation, leadership, and behavior change science. This builds Fit & Healthy Leaders who reach their goals and become a Positive Force on their family, friends, co-workers, and community.

Best of People & Tech

To deliver our programs, we combine the humanity of face-to-face relationships with the many benefits of technology. This drives optimal behavior change results in individuals and organizations, a science-driven model.

Fun & Meaningful Work

We make our work both fun and meaningful so that some percentage of the work doesn't feel like "work."

Positive Disruption

There are big problems and inefficiencies in health care and other areas that need to be disrupted. We are orchestrating major partners to make this happen.

Friendly & Spirited

We believe we have the right purpose... we're carrying it out the right way... for the right reasons. This motivates us to communicate in a friendly way both internally and externally and capture the community spirit of a championship team.

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