Personal Pharmacist

Like having a pharmacist in the family, PeopleOne Personal Pharmacist is the prescription for all your medication questions

What is personal pharmacist?

Most business owners and employers don't even know there's an option to decrease their prescription medication spend. That's why PeopleOne Personal Pharmacist exists, to help connect the dots between employers, doctors, insurance, pharmacies, and employees.

We do this independently, working for our clients, not an insurance or pharmaceutical company. This means we're looking out for you and you people every step of the way.

PeopleOne Personal Pharmacist is an employer sponsored program that gives employees access to a licensed pharmacist to help with medication related questions and with medication management. The program works both integrated and non-integrated clients.

  • Integrated Clients: Our team evaluates your claims data to address utilization and cost issues, and you pay a simple per employee per month fee.
  • Non-integrated Clients: Your employees gain access to our dedicated licensed pharmacists for a flat fee. 
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Clinical Pharmacist Services

PeopleOne Personal Pharmacists can assist patients with tobacco cessation, diabetes management, and more through individual patient-pharmacist appointments.

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Direct Access to a Clinical Pharmacist

PeopleOne Personal Pharmacist provides members with direct access to clinical pharmacists. Our pharmacists are able to take the time and address concerns regarding medications. If there is an accessibility issue with a medication related to cost, we are able to assist patients with solutions or identify preferred formulary alternatives for improved coverage and reduced cost while continuing care.

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Member Newsletter

Pharmacist-created member newsletter The Script provides information for anyone’s benefit. Members do not need to be taking medications to benefit from this publication. 

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Able to work with any PBM

Because we are not aligned with a Pharmacy benefit Manager (PBM), we are able to partner with any employer and consistently operate in the best interest of the patient.



Great Question! PeopleOne Personal Pharmacist is available to answer questions you may have about medications (prescription or over the counter). Here are some examples of questions we can help you with:

… Can my four-year old take Tylenol? 

… My tablet looks a little different, is it the same thing?

… I got this new inhaler, how does it work?

… Is there something I can take over-the-counter for this?

… Does this interact with my current medicine?

… I’ve been feeling funny ever since starting this medication, is this normal?

Please be sure to watch for our newsletter The Script. Our next feature is focusing on medication Safety in the home, especially for pets and little ones.



Denise Mirtich

Chief Operating Officer

Brittany Campagna, PharmD

Director, Pharmacy Solutions