A new healthcare model that integrates human intervention, technology, clinical care and prevention.

Introducing PeopleOne Health. We remove wasteful administrative costs and pass those savings to you and your employees. You save up to 30% on your plan and your employees pay nothing out-of-pocket.


PeopleOne Health is a proven healthcare plan designed to put people first. The plan includes complete healthcare coverage – Primary Care, Prescriptions, Advanced Services, and Coverage for Unpredictable Needs.


Are you tired of having your healthcare costs go up every year 5-10%?
Do you feel like no one is looking out for your healthcare needs?
Are you passing more cost to your employees while they get less care?

It’s time to stop the madness! PeopleOne Health can save you money now, and stop that upward trend that causes you massive amounts of stress every year. We can help you focus on your business and turn your healthcare into a competitive advantage.

We are the first healthcare delivery model financially incentivized to get people healthy, because we believe the viability and vitality of your business are directly affected by the vitality and vibrancy of your employees. This can save your business 20 to 30% on your healthcare spend and significantly reduce administrative costs.

We seamlessly integrate human intervention, technology, clinical care and lifestyle modification to shift from a sick care model to a health focused delivery system.  Better for patients.  Better for providers.  Better for payers.

Technology, Direct Primary Care, Population Health Management, Network of Providers - Relationship Infographic

Laptop and phone showing the PeopleOne member portal


Along with amazing clinical providers, you get the PeopleOne Care program. This approach gives each of our clients a dedicated Coach Care Navigator to help employee members achieve healthier lives. This includes programs like weight loss and nutrition, tobacco cessation, mindfulness, and even sleep issues.

Population health consulting and coordination

Wellness program development, implementation, and management

One-on-One Health and Wellness Coaching for your employees

Care navigation and coordination with PeopleOne physicians

The PeopleOne Member Management Portal for population health management and reporting

Plus, our members are happier with their level of service – we have an average Net Provider Score of 85 – and our providers get to focus on people, not paperwork. It all contributes to making your employee population vibrant, and making you an employer of choice.