PeopleOne Health delivers higher level, affordable healthcare for businesses and individuals



Consistent, Personalized Care

Unlike most current healthcare systems, PeopleOne providers are focused on quality of care instead of quantity of patients. That means you'll see the same provider at every visit, and they can spend more time with you. This results in better care outcomes and a personalized plan for your healthcare needs.


Simple, Transparent Pricing

Unlike health insurance where pricing is variable and unpredictable, you pay a set membership fee for primary care and additional services. In most cases, there are no copays, deductibles to meet, or coinsurance. This leads to around 25% savings for organizations and significant out-of-pocket savings for members. To learn more about our plans, click here.


Clear, Accessible Options

You shouldn't have to have a PhD to understand healthcare. That's why PeopleOne Health makes using our system simple and convenient. Whether you're an employer implementing it for your employees, or an individual going in for a visit, we work hard to make sure your healthcare experience is easy.

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We focus on members, not numbers.

Are you tired of sitting in a waiting room for 45 minutes to get 5 minutes with your doctor? Are you fed up with getting surprise bills and increasing copays and deductibles? Do you know how much an MRI costs on your plan? A prescription?

PeopleOne Health is different. Designed to focus on  people, not profits and paperwork, we care about care. That means that as a member you spend more time with your doctor at each appointment. You have access to advanced services like Physical Therapy and Imaging. And you will never have a copay, deductible, or surprise bill.

Whether you choose an individual plan or join us through your employer, you will receive the same great care and member exclusive benefits.

"Everyone is so nice and very caring. I don't have to wait to get in and see a doctor. They take the time to explain everything and don't rush you. They are very compassionate. I actually like going to see a doctor now. PeopleOne Health is the best."

~ PeopleOne Member ~